Our Story

I Need A Pipe was founded in Houston, TX, to increase accessibility to cheap, simple, smoking supplies. We saw online and in-store retailers charge high markups and bloated shipping fees for access to a product many need, both for their medication to grant relief from any number of medical issues, as well as for their own personal recreational pleasure.

With I Need A Pipe, we not only send you everything you need to get smoking via discreet USPS Priority Flat Rate boxes, but we also keep costs low with bulk orders- keeping costs low for you too! Every Pipe Pack comes over-packaged to prevent breakage, and we reuse all packaging we receive.

We offer wholesale Pipe Packs to stores and vendors who are interested in offering a low-cost, $10 solution for customers as well. Every box contains a high-quality glass smoking pipe, a lighter, and a 5 pack of Silver Screens. Each is inspected and packed by hand, ensuring that you never end up with anything defective!